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Vatika Enclave, Behind Sec-33, Near Radha Swami Satsang Bhawan, Karnal, Haryana 132001
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Panchkarma Treatments
Panchkarma is ayurvedic treatment therapy for complete detoxification. In Panchkarma,there are five main procedures and many related procedures,by the help of them,we completely overhaul the body.It is very effective in curing diseases as well as general detoxification for stay healthy. In ayurveda any disease can be treated by two means-1)Sodhan Chikitsa 2)Saman Chikitsa(to burn inside the disease causing doshas) Panchkarma is meant for Sodhan chikitsa.
Satkarma are also "Sodhan Chikitsa" procedures lilke panchkarma.We can say it small version of Panchkarma. It consists of six procedures i.e. Neti,Dhauti,Nauli,Basti,Kapalbhati and Tratak. We can make use of satkarma procedures for cleansing on weekly basis or at season changes.
Yoga is only and best exercise for internal organs.Yoga improves the blood supply to internal organs,hence improves the organ functions and regulate the secretions of glands. All other exercises can make you physically healthy but yoga makes you physically and internally healthy.
"Pran Vayu" is the most important vayu among the five kinds of vayu. Pran Vayu directly related to Oxygen.Oxygen helps us to stay young and healthy.It rejuvenate the body cells. Pranayam improves the oxygen supply to all organs,means improves their functions and increase their life.
Meditation improves our mental health. It helps us to remain calm during any situation.It helps us to avoid राग,द्वेष,इर्ष्या etc. It increases our concentration level and our work efficiency.It helps us to feel real joy of life.
Naturopathy is a very good and effective treatment stream.In which patient is treated with the help of air,water,soil and sunlight without any medicines. According to ayurveda,all the things in this universe are made up of five elements i.e. Panch Mahabhuta.Our body is also made up of panchmahabhuta.So it can be easily treated by these five elements by natural means. Nature take care of every living being.A living organism who lives in the lap of nature,get never ill easily.We people,who are going far away from the nature,get sick frequently.Because we can't get the basic five elements in required proportion in artificial environment. Naturopathy cures the diseases by its root and provide complete physical,mental,social and spritual health,without any medicines,without any side effects.
Ayurvedic Medicines
If any person have shortage of time or his /her disease is complicated or chronic,then we can take help of some ayurvedic herbal medicines for making him/her healthy soon.These medicines are totally safe without any side effects. We also treat some patients only with ayurvedic medicines on OPD basis,who are unable to take naturopathy or panchkarma treatments due to any reason.
Juice Corner
For making the treatment more effective,we also have a juice centre in our hospital.Here we provide all beneficial fruits and vegetables juices like safed petha juice,wheat grass juice,giloy juice,gajjar amla chukunder juice etc. and sprouts too. We serve juices to patients according to their illness.
About Us
"प्रयोजनं आयुर्वेदस्य स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्यरक्षणं, आतुरस्य विकारप्रशमनं च |"
"Ayurveda's aim is to maintain the health of a healthy person and cure the diseased person."
ATULYA Yog Nature Cure avm Ayurved Panchkarma Centre is located in the lap of nature at Karnal(HR) in India.Our centre is surrounded by a huge fruit garden,Radha Soami satsang bhawan,Kabbadi academy,Swimming pool and three tennis academies.
It is one among the rarest centres which provides all natural,herbal and ayurvedic treatments under a single roof.
ATULYA covers almost all diseases.Here we not only cure disease,you are suffering from,but also do complete overhauling of your body.So that you can remain disease free throughout the year.
Even we teach a life style according to your proffesion and disease history,so that you can stay completely healthy without any medication. 
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